An introduction to the foreign exchange market, the world's largest market, where approximately $2 trillion worth of currency is swapped every day. In this course you will learn why almost all individuals and businesses must participate in this market, and the reasons why people want to speculate in Forex, including:

  • Availability of very high leverage. 
  • The absence of any short selling restrictions.
  • Very flexible hours and lack of manipulation and slippage.
  • Forex is an attractive, alternative, and indicative asset class.


  • Forex Trading, A Beginner's Guide
  • Key Forex Concepts
  • Currency Markets
  • Beginner/Intermediate Forex Trading Strategies
  • Advanced Forex Trading Strategies and Concept

Course Curriculum

  A Beginner's Introduction To Forex
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Introduction to Forex - Beginner's Guide

Introduction to Forex Trading

We begin with an introduction to Forex trading and the world of the global Forex market. It is important to try to understand the basics from the beginning so the aspiring trader can answer the question "What is Forex?" beyond simple currency exchange.

In this introductory lesson, we will bring you into the world of Forex trading, the foreign exchange markets and what trading Forex is really all about.